Final Story

Camryn Gamble
2 min readApr 26, 2021

When I first came into this class, I was scared, to be honest. I am not a very critical or philosophical thinker, so I was nervous to see how it would affect me. As the first few weeks of class went on, I realized philosophy and ethics are not scary at all. I started off well, doing a Medium post for the reading each week, but I slowly started to slack off after about a month or so. This may have to do with me contracting the coronavirus in late January, resulting in the shut down of my brain and me not wanting to do any work for any class.

Because of this slack in my academic life this semester, I am not sure I really made as much progress as I could in this class. My first Medium post ( was about book one of Nicomachean Ethics. It was okay… readers can definitely tell it was a difficult reading for me. Writing it was made a little easier because Professor Lindeman provided handouts that summarized the reading. In my defense, Aristotle is kind of hard to fully wrap your head around.

Compared to my post on Aristotle, my last post I ever did ( was just okay. This story was about Ross and his ideas of right and wrong. It is really short due to my lack of enthusiasm paired with the fact that I did not understand it. There was no handout, so I did not know if I was understanding it correctly.

Personally, I don’t think I improved much in the field of ethical analysis, but this is completely my fault. I stopped going to class and putting in the work, so that’s on me. I also think that my enthusiasm went down when Professor Lindeman stopped putting the handouts on Blackboard to help guide the readings. Those really helped me, and when they were no longer available, I kind of just gave up. All-in-all, though, I liked this class a lot. Yes, I didn’t go to class all the time, but when I did, it was very helpful.